The lake is formed by a hydroelectric dam and is filled by the Pit River, Cayton Creek, Clark Creek, Hat Creek, and Burney Creek.  It sports a wide variety of bass and trout. 

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The falls can be accessed directly from the parking area or through several trails leading to either side, upper or lower views of the endless cascade of descending water. 

Lake Britton

As of August 28, 2019 there is road construction on Highway 299 which is causing 15-30 minute delays when approaching the park from the east; occasional delays are also at the intersection of Hwy 299E and Hwy 89.   This is scheduled to last into September. 

Time to Make Plans to Attend Heritage Day,  Sunday ~ October 13th!  See News & Events Page!

The Main Attraction

We welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in the McArthur ~ Burney Falls Memorial State Park, commonly referred to as Burney Falls Park.  Here you will be introduced not only to our spectacular park, but also to Ahjumawi State Park and Castle Crags State Park.  We will talk about what to do while visiting or staying at the park, nearby attractions, park activities, news and events, and our new visitors center and gift shop.  We'll discuss the McArthur-Burney Falls Interpetive Association and Friends of the Falls, and we will provide you with links to other parks, similar organizations and area attractions.  Come and visit with us... We don't bite, but the fish do!!!