There is an extensive treasure trove of things to do and places to see within reasonable driving distance of McArthur ~ Burney Falls State Park.  From scenic Mt. Shasta on the North to statuesque Mt. Lassen on the South… from Adin on the East to Whiskeytown on the West, one can spend days, if not weeks, exploring the natural wonders of north central California known generally as the Intermountain Area. 

Why not bring your tent or RV or rent a cabin at the Park and make it your headquarters for a great vacation?  Or, just simply sleep under the stars and pines.  For the less adventuresome, there are plenty of lodging accommodations and restaurants in the general area. 

Burney Basin Days ~ 4th of July Weekend  10 Miles

In addition to activities at the Park the immediate area offers golfing, skiing, hunting, boating, fishing, hiking, target shooting, flying and museum visiting.  You’ll find some of them and their distances from the Park on this page.     

Pioneer Day ~ Fall River Mills ~1st Saturday in June ~  17 Miles

Hunting ~ Immediate Area (With License)

Hatchet Mountain Wind Farm

Home at Night

Fishing at Baum Lake ~ 11 miles

Medicine Lake

Nearby Attractions

Big Catch of the Day