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The lofty spires and granite dome of Castle Crags State Park rise more than 6,500 feet.  The park is located at the north end of the Sacramento Valley off of Interstate 5 near the town of Dunsmuir.  Ancestral home of the Okwanuchu Shasta people,
the conspicuous crags were also revered and worshiped by the other indigenous peoples of the area surrounding them including the Wintu, Achumawi and Modoc tribes. The Okwanuchu Shasta believed that spirits took human forms to live in the rocks, cliffs and mountaintops of the Crags

From the scenic overlook.

Castle Crags State Park

Castle Crags State Park is one of three parks under the MBFIA umbrella.  The other two are McArthur ~ Burney Falls State Park and Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park.