Abundant scenic views.

Castle Crags State Park is one of three parks under the MBFIA umbrella.  The other two are McArthur ~ Burney Falls State Park and Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park.

The lofty spires and granite dome of Castle Crags State Park rise more than 6,500 feet.  The park is located at the north end of the Sacramento Valley off of Interstate 5 near the town of Dunsmuir.  Ancestral home of the Okwanuchu Shasta people,
the conspicuous crags were also revered and worshiped by the other indigenous peoples of the area surrounding them including the Wintu, Achumawi and Modoc tribes. The Okwanuchu Shasta believed that spirits took human forms to live in the rocks, cliffs and mountaintops of the Crags

We will soon be developing a future website to more fully describe the park, its rich history, interesting geology and its many inviting attributes.  It should be up and running by mid-summer. 

Castle Crags State Park

Mt. Shasta from along the trail. 

Castle Crags Park is looking for hard-working folks who love the Park and would be willing to serve as Camp Hosts during the 2018 season.  You can live in a campsite or RV site and spend time in this beautiful Park. A commitment of at least three months is requested.   In return, roughly 30 hours of work a week is expected, including staffing the Visitor Center, traffic control, campground checks, processing recycling, and other projects.  For more information, Contact:webmaster@burneyfallspark.org

The park has fishing, hiking and camping, with restrooms and showers. Horseback riding is allowed along park trails.   Firewood is available for purchase.  There are also interpretive exhibits and a visitors center.  Picnic areas are available for day use.  You can also make advance reservations at (800) 444-7275. 

A remarkable diversity of animals live here. Black bears, mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes hunt in higher elevations.  Visitors may occasionally
see a spotted skunk, a fisher or a ringtail.  Pileated woodpeckers are often heard hammering at the trees. The American dipper, the only aquatic songbird, can often be heard and seen foraging along the banks.  Osprey routinely patrol the skies above looking for a trout to invite for dinner.  Jays and ravens abound.  You'll also see western bluebirds and meadowlarks as well as red-tailed and Cooper’s hawks. 


Friends of the Crags

We depend on contributions to help fund our activities at all three parks under our umbrella.  We will be most appreciatuve if you can help by becoming a Friend of the Crags.  Donations can be made at the park or by mail to:

Friends of the Crags


PO Box 777

Burney   CA   96013

From the scenic overlook. 

Up close and personal.